About Me: Mary Catherine Molay

When I was a little girl, I always had a doll in my hand. The comfort of having something to hold on to was important to me as a child. I slept with my dolls and ate with them by my side. Whenever I would go to a friends house, it would always be assumed that “Mary and Dolly are coming over.” In a nutshell, wherever I was, I either had my doll, a Barbie, or a Polly Pocket with me.

Growing up in Alabama, sports were always the topic of choice at my house. I come from a very athletic family where I inherited the athletic coordination gene. At a young age, I played a few sports such as basketball, soccer and volleyball; however, out of the two kids, Marena, my older sister, is the most athletic of the two children.

Between the ages of 3-9 before I ever started playing sports, I would travel with my parents to watch Marena play her sports. Because she would play club ball for soccer, we would go all over the place. In fact, no matter where we went, whether it be in town or out of state, I always had my little “traveling suitcase” full of my dolls. When we would arrive at the field, my mother would set out a blanket, and I would “pop up shop” and start to play with my dolls to keep me entertained.

It was not until about the age of 10 while at a University of Alabama football game with my dad after eating everything that could be bought in the concession stand, that I really started to get into sports of my own and appreciate the game as a whole. During that time, Marena was still playing travel soccer and my dad was the head coach of their winning basketball team. It is as if a light went off in my head, and I finally began to realize how awesome sports really are. From that moment on, I wanted to involve myself with sports in any way possible. In high school, I managed girl’s basketball and played lacrosse. I was also very active in keeping up with my high school’s soccer team as they went on to win the state championship while I was there.

Today, I am a junior studying public relations at the University of Alabama working towards a specialization in sports entertainment communications management. Even though I was not always playing a sport myself, I have always been around sports. Because of my love for all different types of sports, I want to do media relations for a sports organization. I want to do what makes me happy in life. I want to feel comfortable in my endeavors. Just like with my dolls, I want something to hang on to for the rest of my life. I might have outgrown my dolls, but my love for sports is something that will continue to grow with me for the rest of my life. I cannot wait to see where I end up in the future.


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