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Want to Get More Connected to the Team?

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Honoring One of the Best Shortstops in MLB History

Derek Jeter, New York Yankees #2, played his final game of his career last season. I had the opportunity to go see him play one of those final games in New York exactly a year ago today (May 18, 2014). During the game, he had a base hit. It was very exciting being able to see him play in person before he ended his career. This one’s for you, captain.

Defense Wins Games

Fans! Ever wonder what goes into playing defense out there on the field? Brought to you by Play Ball Academy, this slideshow should answer any of your questions about what goes into playing each defensive position on the field. Go Steelers!

What is your favorite food item at Iron Park?

Fans! Now is your chance to let your voice be heard. What is your favorite food item at Iron Park?

Baseball From Smith’s Latest Home Run Found in a Local Neighborhood

On May 7, Gaeton Smith had a home run against the Anniston Shamrocks. We have been notified that the ball that was hit during the home run has been found in the bush of a nearby neighborhood. Jack December, the man who found the ball, is shocked that the ball landed in his bushes. “I went to mow the lawn and noticed something sitting on top of my bushes,” December said. “I was shocked when I realized it was the ball Smith hit out of the park!” December was not able to attend the game because of prior engagements. It’s as if he was able to take a piece of the game home with him anyways.

Forecast for Tomorrow’s Family Fun Night

Tomorrow is family fun night at Iron Park with fireworks and $1 hotdogs. As of 11:40 a.m., the forecast for tomorrow’s game at 7p.m. is as follows: 75 degrees fahrenheit with a 50% chance of rain.

As of right now, the game is still on with post game fireworks still as scheduled. We will announce by 5 p.m. CST tomorrow if the game has been cancelled. Stay tuned for more information! Go Steelers!

Iron Park is Now Dog Friendly!

Fans! Want to bring the entire family to the game? Say no more because Iron Park is now dog friendly! This little shih tzu pictured below is named Josie, and she loves to attend the games with her family! We are looking forward to seeing all members of your family at the next game. Go Steelers! 


Pranksters put a tree between the mound and home plate on a high school baseball field


One of the best scenes in Bull Durahm is when the tired and scuffling Durham Bulls need a day off. So they engineer one:

“What we need is a rain out.”

“I can get us a rain out.”

“Man, there ain’t been a cloud in weeks.”

“Hundred bucks says I can get us a rainout for tomorrow.”

“You’re on!”

And then Crash Davis proceeds to sabotage the field with sprinklers.

This appears to be more of a senior prank than anything else, but I would like to think the pranksters included at least one kid who just didn’t feel like playing the next day:

The background can be read here.

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